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The Virtual Laboratory consists of open-source simulation programs illustrating complex systems ideas, theories, and tools, accompanied by curricula designed for both teachers and independent learners. The Virtual Laboratory is organized into topics, each of which contains a laboratory guide (in PDF format) and a series of simulation models written in the Netlogo language. These require the free Netlogo platform, which can be downloaded from .  The current version of NetLogo may not support all of the Virtual Laboratory models - please download the prior version of NetLogo here: while we work to update the models.

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The Glossary is a collection of terms and definitions related to the field of complex systems.

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The Resources section contains annotated links to a wide variety of resources related to complex systems. These include journals, conferences, tutorials, software, videos, books, and course syllabi among other types of resources that will be useful for all levels of interest.  We encourage you to submit additional resources related to complex systems, using the "Submit" button on the Resources page. 

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